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Front Bumper Plates

Since 1961 New Mexico has used only one license plate, with that single plate being mounted on the rear bumper.  With no official tag on the front bumper, it has become quite common for motorists to use this space to attach all manner of advertising, booster, and even expired vanity plates.  From time to time the question arises as to whether this practice is technically legal.  The governing law can be read at:


From this it can be seen that expired special registration plates (e.g., vanity plates), as well as promotional and advertising plates are all allowed.  Moreover, there is nothing in the law restricting these allowable plates to just those connected with the state of New Mexico.  (But if you’re still worried about getting pulled over, print out a copy of the law and keep it in your glove box!)
An expired ten-year-old vanity plate seen on the front bumper of a New Mexico cowgirl’s pickup truck.


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