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The hard copy version of the Early New Mexico License Plates book (Fourth Edition) described below is sold out, and out of print. In its place is the online Fifth Edition in eBook format which you can read and/or download:


Early New Mexico License Plates

Fourth Edition


This book is the premier resource on the history of motor vehicle licensing in the State of New Mexico. It has many hundreds of pages of historical information that are not found elsewhere—not even on this website. It’s a hardback reference book with 572 pages, over 2,000 color photographs, and more than four dozen period black and white photos. Additionally, there are nearly 700 citations  of original source material, and more than 1,900 page references in the Index. And in spite of the word “Early” in its title, the book covers all license plates issued in New Mexico, up to and including the present time. The book measures 8½" x 11" x 2" thick and weighs well over 5 lbs.

To date, just 250 copies have been printed in all four editions, so even with the Fourth Edition in print, Early New Mexico License Plates, by definition, remains a “rare” book!

It has now been out of print for over a year and there are no plans to print additional books.  The price per book is $150 plus $9.95 flat rate Priority Mail shipping, for a total of $159.95.  Contact us at the address or e-mail below if you are interested in having this book.

For those who might want to borrow a library copy on Interlibrary Loan, the ISBN of the Fourth Edition is: 978-0-9881990-3-3.


New Mexico Transportation History Project
P.O. Box 1
Organ, NM 88052-0001
e-mail: NMhistory@totacc.com

Below you will find the complete Table of Contents.
Early New Mexico License Plates
Fourth Edition
Table of Contents

Getting Started
      1 Introduction
      2 How to Use This Book

License Plate Types
      3 Amateur Radio
      4 Boat
      5 Bus (see also Commercial Car and Taxi)
      6 C-Prefix Commercial (see also Commercial Car, Taxi, Bus and Driverless)
      7 Commercial Car (see also Taxi and Bus)
      8 Commercial Truck (see also Truck)
      9 Dealer
     10 Driverless
     11 First Automobile in New Mexico
     12 First Issues
     13 Governor & Lt. Governor — and Other Early Political Plates
     14 Guest, Tourist and Visitor
     15 Highway Department
     16 Motor Truck
     17 Motorcycle
     18 Motorcycle Dealer
     19 Mounted Patrol
     20 National Guard Officer
     21 Official
     22 Passenger
     23 Porcelains
     24 Pre-States
     25 Registration Certificate Holders
     26 Salesman
     27 Samples
     28 School Bus
     29 Staff Officer
     30 State Police Motorcycle & State Police Passenger
     31 Taxi (see also Commercial Car and Bus)
     32 Trailer
     33 Truck (see also Commercial Truck)
     34 U.S. Official
     35 1943 Windshield Stickers
     36 1951 Windshield Stickers License Plate Administration

License Plate Administration
     37 County Allocations & County Prefixes
     38 Enabling Legislation
     39 1910 Albuquerque Ordinance
     40 1910 Las Vegas Ordinance
     41 1910 Santa Fe Ordinance
     42 1911 Raton Ordinance
     43 1912 New Mexico Automobile License Law
     44 1913 New Mexico Motor Vehicle Law
     45 1919 New Mexico Motor Vehicle Law
     46 1923 New Mexico Motor Vehicle Law
     47 Issuing Authorities
     48 Manufacturers of New Mexico License Plates
     49 Motor Vehicle Records in New Mexico
     50 Registration Statistics
     51 New Mexico Towns

     52 Miscellaneous New Mexico License Plates and Related Items
          Variations of New Mexico License Plates and Error Plates
          Double Zias
          Duplicate Plates
          Temporary Plates
          Canceled Plates
          Plates from U.S. Military Bases in New Mexico
          Tribal Plates
          Titles and Registration Certificates
          Chauffeur Badges
          Operator’s (Driver’s) Licenses
          Bicycle Tags
          DAV Tags
          Cereal Premiums
          Chewing Gum Premiums
          Handicap Parking Permits
          Billboard Plates
          Advertising Toppers and Booster Plates
          New Mexico State Road Number Signs
          Official N.M. State Highway Department Road Maps
          Brake & Light Stickers
          Dog Tags

Modern Plates
     53 Modern Plates

         Subject Index