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Prorate Truck & Prorate Trailer

Prorate Truck  Bearing the PR prefix, these plates were issued to trucks operating in interstate service. Typically, these were tractor trucks pulling large semi-trailers. The MVD publication New Mexico License Plates - 1984 Edition states that the “PR” prefix prorate plates were also used on (interstate) buses (which would have been few in number compared to interstate trucks).  Registration fees were based on the miles driven within New Mexico as a proportion of the total miles driven during the year. These plates are known from at least as early as 1964 (but may have been in use a year or two earlier),  continuing into the late 1980s with the PR prefix. They are related to plates bearing the embossed prefix IR, the embossed legend “APPORTIONED,” and plates bearing both “APPORTIONED” and the IR prefix. See the “Interstate” section for more details.  See also Prorate Backing Plates & Stickers.

Important Note:
Though commonly—but erroneously—called “semis” or “semi-trucks,” there is no such thing as a semi-truck. The correct full name of the configuration is “tractor-trailer” or “tractor-semi-trailer.” A trailer (sometimes called a “full trailer”) has one or more axles with wheels at both the front and back ends of the trailer. A semi-trailer has one or more axles with wheels only at the back end, and the front end is supported by the tractor which pulls it. In states which allow “doubles,” i.e., a tractor pulling two trailers at once, the trailer attached to the tractor is almost always a semi-trailer, and the one following is always a trailer (full trailer). 

Prorate Trailer  These plates are essentially identical in purpose to the Prorate truck plate, but for large trailers and semi-trailers rather than for the truck tractors which pull them.  They bear a prefix of PT followed by a numeric serial, and are known to have been issued from at least 1964 through 1975.  See also Prorate Backing Plates & Stickers, Trailer and Rental Trailer.

N.M. Cab Cards showing that the New Mexico portion of registration fees have been paid for an interstate/prorate/apportioned vehicle. Note that the later certificates show that this type of document was also used with WD and WDFT (Weight Distance and Weight Distance Farm Truck) plates.
1972 Trailer Prorate Card



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