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Handicap Parking Permits

Persons with disabilities not as severe as those qualifying for a Handicap license plate, but still serious enough to qualify to use handicap parking spaces, have been given permits (placards) to display for this purpose. Beginning sometime in the 1970s these permits were made on motorcycle license plate blanks and were displayed on the dashboard of the recipient’s vehicle. (Interestingly, the DMV publication New Mexico License Plates - 1984 Edition states that these placards were to be displayed on the vehicle's sun visor, but no information was given as to how they might be fastened there.  And during the two decades that they were in use, there was never a confirmed sighting of them being placed anywhere except on the dashboard.)  The motorcycle size permits were later replaced by blue “hang-tags” which are to be hung from the rear view mirror when the vehicle is parked in a handicap space. But the similarity in size and color of the earlier motorcycle-plate-size permits has caused countless unknowing persons to falsely claim that they are handicap license plates for motorcycles.  They are not. They have nothing whatsoever to do with the registration or licensing of any motor vehicles—and particularly not motorcycles.  To read the full DMV description of these placards and their use, click here to see the New Mexico License Plates - 1984 Edition pamphlet, and scroll down to page 14.
Handicap Parking Hang Tag Permit  Sometime around the year 2000 the metal dashboard parking permits were replaced with laminated hang tags which are hung from the rear view mirror when the vehicle is parked.  A photograph of the permit holder is displayed on the back side of the permit.  Because these are generally issued to persons with temporary disabilities, they bear an expiration date.


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