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The names acknowledged below are the same as in the Fourth Edition of the Early New Mexico License Plates book, with a few additions since the last printing. Preparing an acknowledgments list for a project of this magnitude is always risky business, as there will almost certainly be accidental omissions. For that, please accept our regrets in advance. Listed in reverse alphabetical order:
Dan Zolnier, ALPCA member
Faith Yoman, New Mexico State Library

Spencer Wilson, Socorro County Historical Society
Todd Wildermuth, The Raton Range
Michael Wiener, ALPCA member
James Wakefield

Mike Wade, ALPCA member
Arnold Vigil, NMSRCA
Ronald Vaughn, FHWA
Bryan Turo, UNM

Samantha Tubbs, NMSRCA
Geneva Trujillo, Raton City Clerk
Dennis Trujillo, NMSRCA
Wayne Tranter, ALPCA member
Richard Tornberg

Rose and Eric Thompson
Matt Thompson, ALPCA member
Sgt. Ron Taylor, NMSP Historian
Kent Taylor, New Mexico State Library
Eric Tanner, ALPCA Archivist
Doug Sylvester
Drew Steitz, ALPCA member

Suzanne Stamatov, independent researcher
Albert Soto
Josefine Smith, Zuhl Library, NMSU
Jerry Smith
Dennis Smith
Carl Simpson

Stanley Santheson
Roger Sanchez, Raton Museum
George Sammeth, ALPCA member
Melissa Salazar, NMSRCA
James Salazar, bookbinder
J. Richard Salazar, NMSRCA, retired
Siri Rustebakke
Regina Romero, NMTRD

Rio Grande Historical Collections, NMSU
Norman Rhoades, NMSP
Al Regensberg, NMSRCA
Joanna Wood Ray
Elena Pérez-Lizano, NMSRCA
Bruce Pearson, ALPCA member

Gail Packard, NMSRCA
Desi L. Ortiz, NMDGF

Alicia Ortiz, NMMVD
Corb Moister, Jr., ALPCA member

David L. Minton, Lea County Historian
Jeff Minard, ALPCA member
Richard Miller, ALPCA member
Bruce Mergele, New Mexico State Library
David Merck, ALPCA member
Chris Mendez

Richard Melzer
Sibel Melik, NMSRCA
Annie McDaniel, Taos Historic Museums
Pennie McBride, N.M. History Museum
Robert McArthur, ALPCA member

Marty Mayfield
Mardi Mahaffy, Zuhl Library, NMSU
Pete Madsen, ALPCA member
Felicia Lujan, NMSRCA

Judy Lopez, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum
Brian Lomax, FHWA
Art Leupold, ALPCA member

Donna Lee Lange
Tom Lancaster, ALPCA member

George Kunsman, ALPCA member
Peggy Rice Kenyon

Malcolm Kenyon, ALPCA member
Pete Kassetas, NM State Police Chief
Jackie Johnston
Melva Jenkins, NMT Alumna
John Jenkins

Conrad Hughson, ALPCA member
Tom Hughes

Rick Holben, ALPCA member
Wayland Hill, ALPCA member
Phil Hill, ALPCA member
Rick Hendricks, N.M. State Historian
Derek Heinzerling

Laura Haas
Jon Haas
Mark Gutierrez, ALPCA member
Jim Gummoe, ALPCA member
Brad Gudzinas, FHWA
Billy Greene, ALPCA member
Mark Greaves
Steven Graeter, ALPCA member
Greg Gibson, ALPCA member
Christopher Geherin, Center for Southwest Research, UNM

Linda Gegick, Las Vegas Museum
Paul Fussner
Jeff Francis, ALPCA member

Jim Fox, ALPCA member
Gene Forsythe

Ned Flynn, ALPCA member
Bob Eveleth, Socorro County Historical Society
Adam Diamond, NMMVD
Barry Deutsch, ALPCA member
Irisha Corral, NMHU Library
Scott Christensen

Geralyn Cardenas, Santa Fe City Clerk’s Office
Laura Calderone, New Mexico State Library

Blaine Byers
Nancy Brown-Martinez, Zimmerman Library, UNM
Ellen Brown, U.S. Forest Service
Emily Brock, NMSRCA
Michael Breeding, ALPCA member
Suzanne Blanchard
Rick Black

Alan Betts, ALPCA member
Janet McCormick Berry
Latana Jan Bernier
John Bennett

Claire-Lise Bénaud, Center for Southwest Research, UNM
Jake Bear, ALPCA member

Richard Baysinger, ENMU Library
John Barth, ALPCA member
Tom Allen, ALPCA member
Rachel Adler, NMSRCA
Anonymous, N.M. State Supreme Court Law Library



Automobile License Plate Collectors Association
Eastern New Mexico University
Federal Highway Administration
New Mexico Department of Game and Fish
New Mexico Highlands University
New Mexico Motor Vehicle Division
New Mexico State Police
New Mexico State Records Center and Archives
New Mexico State University
University of New Mexico