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State Officers & Other State Plates

Attorney General  Known to exist from at least as early as 1972 in a red-on-white color scheme.  Those from the 1980's and later are in the ubiquitous yellow-on-red style of political and judicial plates of the period. All of the known types are either silk screened or embossed “ATTY GENERAL” or “ATTORNEY GENERAL” and have a one-digit serial, usually “6.”
Commissioner of Public Lands  The Commissioner of Public Lands is the head of the State Land Office, whose mission is to generate revenue from state lands through oil and gas leases and other activities. The funds go into the state coffers and are used for a wide range of state expenditures. These tags bear the words “COMMISSIONER OF PUBLIC LANDS” or an abbreviation thereof, and a single digit serial, normally “7.”
Corporation Commissioner  The State Corporation Commission (SCC) and the State Utility Commission (SUC) were former state entities which oversaw the licensing and regulatory control of various corporations within the state, including insurance companies, public utilities, and intra- and interstate carriers of passengers and cargo, among many others. A Corporation Commissioner was an elected official who was a member of the SCC. In 1999 the Public Regulation Commission (PRC) was created to replace both the SCC and the SUC.
District Attorney  Embossed “DISTRICT ATTORNEY,” and with plate serial having a prefix of DA.  A portion of the numeric part of the serial identifies the Judicial District for which the person is the DA.
Driver Education  Mandated in 1961 and issued at least as far back as 1964, they were in the maroon-on-reflective-blue colors of other official plates of the time. The plates have a prefix of DE, followed by the zia and a numeric serial number, and were used on both state- and dealer-owned cars employed in driver education courses.
Real Estate Commissioner  A real estate commissioner is a member of the New Mexico Real Estate Board, which was created by state law in 1959 and charged with enforcing the Real Estate License Law and the Real Estate Commission Rules.
Secretary of State  Known from as early as 1946, but it is not known if they were issued in all years.  The Secretary of State’s duties primarily have to do with oversight of elections within the state, but this person was also the official who conducted  motor vehicle licensing from 1912 through April 15, 1923.
State Auditor  The Office of the New Mexico State Auditor was established by the New Mexico State Constitution, and the State Auditor is an elected official. The primary purpose of the agency is to ensure that the financial affairs of every agency are thoroughly examined and audited each year. All known examples of this plate have a single numeric digit of “4” as a serial number.
State Board of Education  These plates are known from the late 1990s and early 2000s, with the words “STATE BOARD OF EDUCATION” silk screened on the plate. This agency is now called the New Mexico Public Education Department. The department provides direction and oversight at the state level for public education in the state.
State Transportation Pool  Transportation Pool vehicles can be assigned to state agencies for varying periods of time without the agency itself having to purchase a vehicle. The agency pays for the use of the vehicle, in effect leasing it from the Transportation Pool. At times also called the State Motor Pool, this department is now part of the Transportation Services Division of the General Services Department, and the vehicles today carry the same generic State Government license plates as do most other state-owned vehicles.
State Treasurer  These plates are known from the 1970s and 1980s, all bearing the words “STATE TREASURER” and a single-digit serial number, which is usually “5.” The State Treasurer is an elected official whose office serves as the state’s banker.


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