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Scale Model Cars and License Plates


1956 Chevy Nomad Route 66 K-Mart toy with 1956 New Mexico toy license plate. In the early 2000s K-Mart sold several different
die-cast model cars, each of which included a miniature 1/64 scale, 1¾" x 3½" New Mexico license plate. On the back bumper the
car itself is a very tiny 3/16" long exact replica of the larger separate toy plate.


Die cast metal 1966 Ford Bronco and 1972 toy New Mexico license plate by Johnny Lightning. The scale of the Bronco is
not mentioned on the package, but it appears to be similar to that of the 1956 Chevy Nomad above.

  1959-1964 1965-1969 Balloon, Yellow, Turquoise  

1/25 scale model New Mexico license plates for use on commonly available 1/25 scale model cars. At this scale these miniature plates are a tiny ¼" high by ½" long, and are made by Best Model Car Parts (bestmodelcarparts@gmail.com).




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