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Motorcycle Dealer

Motorcycle Dealer plates are used for the same purpose as the similar, but larger, plates issued to car dealers, i.e., primarily for display when vehicles are taken out for test drives. Dealer plates for motorcycles are not known for years prior to 1966, but that is not to say that none were issued earlier. (If you have any earlier ones, or if you have any later ones not shown here, please contact us!)
Example of multiple dealer plates issued to a single dealer in a given year
Motorcycle Dealer sample plate 
Motorcycle Dealer Manufacturer
These plates, known for only a few years in the early 1970s, were issued to manufacturers with production facilities for motorcycles in New Mexico. It is said that small numbers of motor scooters and/or trail bikes were manufactured in the Albuquerque area during this time, which, if true, would explain the existence of these tags.



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