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License Plate Cartoons
“Tin Snickers”
by Drew Steitz

From January 1989 to November 2003, ALPCA member Drew “Drewski” Steitz of East Texas, Pennsylvania published PL8S, a popular and successful magazine for license plate collectors.  Included in every issue were photographs featuring some of the rarest and most interesting plates to be found anywhere in the world. The magazine’s advertising section attracted countless ads from collectors buying, selling and trading plates of every imaginable stripe.

Not least of all, by drawing on his vast knowledge of plates worldwide, almost every issue included Drew’s own “Tin Snickers” cartoons about license plates and collectors of them.  Admittedly, appreciation of the humor in many of the cartoons required familiarity by the reader with the characteristics of plates from far-away jurisdictions, but that in itself became an enjoyable learning experience.

The original Tin Snickers artwork, archived in PDF files, was lost in a catastrophic disk crash more than a decade ago, but Drew has been gracious enough give us permission to scan the cartoons from surviving hard copies of the magazine and republish them on the NMplates.com website. About a quarter of these were scanned here at NMplates.com, but the majority were scanned by Eric Tanner (present editor of ALPCA’s PLATES magazine), from his own extensive
archive of Drew’s PL8S publication. 

With special thanks to Drewski and Eric, NMplates.com visitors will find nearly a hundred Tin Snickers cartoons on this page.

Drewski and friends admire their latest license plate acquisitions, January 1990.









































All cartoons © Drew Steitz. Republished on NMplates.com by permission


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