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Amateur Radio Operator

“Ham” radio plates have been continuously available since 1953 for any New Mexico resident who holds an official amateur radio station license in good standing issued by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The stated legislative purpose for the issuance of special Radio Operator registration plates is to be able “to readily identify personnel in aid of the performance of necessary duties for civil defense in the communications field.”

1988 Amateur Radio Operator Certificate of Registration

Selected Registration Data

For all practical purposes registration information is unavailable for license plates issued in New Mexico after 1938.  Amateur Radio plates are an exception, though, because the license plate serial number is the ham’s call sign which was issued by the Federal Communications Commission. The FCC retains information only on currently active and recently expired licenses, but there are legacy publications containing information derived from FCC records.  Examples include The New Mexico Ham Directory 1967-1968 by Bill Johnston and the Radio Amateur Callbook Magazine which began annual publication in 1920 and issued quarterly directories for many decades. Neither these publications nor the FCC records contain information about motor vehicles, but they do provide the call sign and the licensee’s name and address. Much of what appears below came from these sources.
  Year Plate # Registered To  
                     1953 W5FJE Cedric H. Senter, Albuquerque  
  1954 W5ARD Paul D. Drum, Dexter  
  1955 W5GPK Harry Herman, Kirtland Air Force Base  
  1956 W5FJE Cedric H. Senter, Albuquerque  
  1957 W5UNB William L. Nohrn, Santa Fe  
  1958 W5UNB William L. Nohrn, Santa Fe  
  1959 W6ASD Daniel F. Connell, address unavailable  
  1960 W5FJE Cedric H. Senter, Albuquerque  
  1961 W5DUO Charles Johnson, Las Cruces  
  1962 K7HZV Robert L. Hugo, address unavailable  
  1963 K5AYH Martin Goodwin, Clovis  
  1964 W5UNB William L. Norhn, Santa Fe  
  1965 W5LAJ Dean D. Battishill, Silver City  
  1966 W5PEX J. Dick Eichor, Los Alamos  
  1967 WA5FLG Bill J. Farley, Alamogordo  
  1968 K5IFU Arthur E. Trujillo, Las Cruces  
  1969 WA5SJB Rachel Farley, Alamogordo  
  1970 W5UNB William L. Nohrn, Santa Fe  
  1971 W5UNB William L. Nohrn, Santa Fe  
  1972 W5UNB William L. Nohrn, Santa Fe  
  1973 W5YB Norman Dennis, Albuquerque  
  1974 W5HDR Clarence G. Leonard, Mesilla Park  
  1975 WA5SJB Rachel Farley, Alamogordo  
  1976 W5UNB William L. Nohrn, Santa Fe  
  1977 N5BO Ambrose G. Barry, Alamogordo  
  1978 WD5IOP Oliver L. Kingsley, Las Cruces  
  1979 N5KR William Johnston, Las Cruces  
  1980 K5HUI George R. Nail, Albuquerque  
1981 K5XY Alexander F. Burr, Las Cruces
1982 KB5T Oliver L. Kingsley, Las Cruces
1983 W5LAJ Dean D. Battishill, Silver City
  1984 K5MZ Joe Martinez, Albuquerque  
  1985 KA5CWI David H. Schuhmann, Las Cruces  
  1986 N4CHK Robbie D. Arvidson, Albuquerque  
  1987 K5MZ Joe Martinez, Albuquerque  
  1988 N5GLF John Q. Boley, Las Cruces  
  1989 N5BKW Charles Grove, Las Cruces  
  1990 K5IKL Jerry D. Richardson, Deming  
  1991 N5MKG Jesse D. Shepherd, Las Cruces  
  1992 NW5D George P. Guebara, Las Cruces  
  1993 WB5UIB Patricia A. Mathews, Albuquerque  
  1994 KB5RF Michael W. Hendricks, Albuquerque  
  1995 W5NYB John Shane, Albuquerque  
  1996 KD6HBK Harvey J. Goodhart, Albuquerque  
  1997 W5BI Gary A. Bonebrake, Rio Rancho  
  1998 N5CUF Jacqueline Johnston, Organ  
  1999 N5XCQ Lewis L. McElroy, Shawnee, Oklahoma  
2000 WA5SCP Robert W. Ter Maat, Albuquerque
2001 K2GHM Benson B. Boss, Deming
  2002 KM5EH Marcus Lieberman, Albuquerque  
  2016 K5ZI William Johnston, Organ  
  2018 K5JJB Jacqueline Johnston, Organ  


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