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Agricultural Bus


First authorized in 1967 for buses with a seating capacity of forty passengers or less and which were used exclusively for transporting agricultural laborers to and from their residences and the farm fields where they worked. The AB plate was issued as late as 1974 but by 1975 had been discontinued, and vehicles serving this purpose were being issued Commercial Bus plates. After discontinuance of the Agricultural Bus plate the AB prefix was likely again later used in the series of Truck plates that was introduced in 1975 with serials beginning AA*0001.
67 Ag Bus                71 Ag Bus
AG Prefix  This 1971 plate with a prefix of AG is not mentioned in any known DMV publications from the 1960s or 1970s, but is likely related to the Agricultural Bus (AB) plates of the same period.  It may be that the prefix was intentionally changed in the latter part of the 1971 production run of AB plates, with the AG prefix also indicating “Agriculture.”  Or it could be that this was simply an error made at the State Prison, although several examples of them have been reported.



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