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These are known from as early as 1924, but may have been introduced the middle of 1923. The earliest of these, up through 1931 were roughly (but not exactly) the same size as a motorcycle plate and bore a “T” prefix. Those from 1927 through 1929 (and possibly 1925 and 1926) carried a small metal weight/capacity seal.  By 1933 they had been increased to the same size as Passenger Car plates.  Interestingly, though the contract with the manufacturer shows that 850 Trailer plates were purchased for 1932, and the registration records confirm that 587 of those were actually issued, not a single one from that year is known to survive today! If you have one, please contact us!

Note: The weight/capacity seals used on these plates are commonly called “tabs” today, but during the years they were in use the only name applied to them was “seal.”

See also Rental Trailer, Prorate Trailer, Freight Trailer, and Official Trailer.
Small Trailer
A unique designation of “Small Trailer” was announced in 1954 for trailers under 1,000 pounds, with special plates for these to be issued in 1955.  The serial number on these plates was prefixed by “ST” followed by a zia and the serial number.  The plates are relatively rare, and were discontinued after only one year of issuance.


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