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Official N.M. State Highway Department Road Maps

The New Mexico State Highway Department published official state road maps in small numbers at least as far back as 1918, then in larger quantities beginning about 1925. The covers of those from 1930 through 1938 were graced with particularly attractive art work. With the hope of attracting tourists and their money, the maps were mailed out free in vast numbers to anyone requesting them. (Because of conservation measures implemented during World War II, no maps were issued during the three war years of 1943-1945.)

Note that we have elected to picture here only those maps published through 1951. The state did issue Official New Mexico Road Maps in some of the later years but the cover art on those was not nearly as attractive as that from the earlier period.

The NMTHP is in need of a 1926 map, and all years of maps prior to 1925, to photograph for this page. If you have any of these that you would like to donate or sell to NMTHP, please contact us!

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