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Cereal & Gum Premiums

From time to time various breakfast cereal companies have offered toy license plates as premiums, either as inserts in the cereal box itself, or by mail order. One of the best known was the Wheaties promotion, conducted in 1953 and 1954.  Millions of these and similar toys from other cereal companies remain in circulation today, frequently appearing on internet auction sites, being hawked as “rare bicycle license plates.” They are by no means rare, but probably many kids did attach them to their bikes and Radio Flyer wagons.  You can see examples of real bicycle license plates here.
In a fashion similar to baseball trading cards packaged with chewing gum, the Goudey Gum company of Boston enclosed small license plate trading cards with its gum for several years in the second half of the 1930s. A few other companies, including some foreign ones, produced similar license plate premiums packaged with gum or candy.



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